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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Integrating Quickr with IBM WebSphere Portal

If the subject of the Quickr / WPS integration is of interest for you, here is an article on the IBM Quickr wiki, which proposes a very simple and light solution:
Integrating Quickr with IBM WebSphere Portal

Basically, the approach is based on the new tool 'Web Application Integrator for IBM WebSphere Portal" which gives the ability to include some part of the portal navigation in any web application (like Quickr).
So integration is achieved by "injecting" Portal navigation markup into Lotus Quickr at render time, leveraging the new V6 portal capability (WPS is now able to expose its navigation through REST WebServices).

I did not test this solution, but it seems quite simple (and a simple solution is often a good solution).
Assuming you have choosen to deploy WPS and Quickr on 2 separate servers (mainly for performance reason...) this kind of approach could probably ensures a seamless integration for your end-users...

If some of you did test this tool, please feel free to give your feedback...


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