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Sunday, January 20, 2008

First day in LotuSphere 2008

First day in LotuSphere 2008,
Most of the conferences are dedicated to Domino 8 and only a few to the WPS portal....There are also a lot of presentation about Lotus Quickr and Sametime which we are really interesting.
About Quickr, we now get a clearer view of what the integration options are with the WPS tool. Basically, most of the Quickr features (especially document Library views) are exposed through
RSS Feed. So it is possible to use a simple RSS Portlet at the portal level to display a list of documents links provided by Quickr. RSS is a simple but easy way to expose data coming from Quickr,
and there is also a lot of features which are exposed through Web Services (mainly REST WS). My feeling is that IBM do not want to introduce an heavy coupling between this 2 solutions, but rather
choose to provide standard and easy solution to expose/consume Quickr data. I think that's because Quickr is a quite new product, with a roadmap which can change very quickly in the next years:
so coupling it tightly with the portal is probably not a good solution.
About Quickr performances, we don't get any information for the moment....but there are some conferences about advanced architecture and performances, so I will try to get more information about this
topic (it's important because with previous J2EE version, namely workplace, we had experienced a lot of performances issues).


  • Thanks for your comments and for understanding what QUickR can offer us.
    In my experience the only performance problem is the very very bad link between the LDAP and WMM. As you know WCS (and I guess QUickR too) is based on the portal. There are intercations between the prortal and the LDap. And then when you are in the application (say WCS/QuickR) there are redoing some LDAP requests. Otherwise, my customers are not complaining at all about the application performances. I just get rid as often as possible of any interaction with LDAP in setting as few rights as possible.
    Also, Marc Pagnier and Greg Melhan told me last year that QUickR is a commercial Trade mark to federate Domino users and Java users. So they said we have to consider thar Quickr is technically WCS 3.0.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at January 22, 2008  

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