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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Welcome message


This blog is officialy open ! I created it to help people sharing information about WebSphere Portal project...big subject isn't it.
We (in my company) have deployed this solution to build our corporate intranet...
It's a quite large web site whith about 10.000 unique users per day, coming from all over the world, and from several business units.
We have implemented a full multi-linguism portal, based on the WCM tool (but with a lot of custom developments....). For this first release we also use the PDM (document management) and the embedded search system (portal search engine).
Deploying a portal project requires to manage and understand a lot of distinct tools and technologies. It's a hard but also very exciting work for an architect !
In this blog I will try to share some information about the difficulties and the successes we experience on this project. This blog is intended for architects, project managers and developers who deals with portal and especially the WPS plate-form.
So now please feel free to participate !


  • I wanted to migrate .NET , Sharepoint , Sruts based applications to Websphere Portal. Was wondering whee and how do i get started?

    By Blogger deepuu, at March 23, 2010  

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