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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More about the Quickr product

Don't have the time to speak about all things that are covered here in LotuSphere, so I choose to focus on Quickr:
> First, there are now more technical solution to 'integrate' this product with the WPS portal. For instance using a new tool called 'webappintegrator' you now can insert the portal banner into a remote web app (like Quickr) to offer a consistent look and feel to the end-user. Of course this is only a light integration, and Quickr will have to run on a separate server, but it will be seamless for the user.
Also, I really prefer to run Quickr on a remote server, just to make sure it will be not impact the portal runtime. Whenever possible I try to build our front intranet portal as a read 'only' tool (to ensure stability, and good performances), and Quickr is of course a typical read-WRITE application. So separation is a good thing, assuming this will be seamless for end-user.
> Quickr also offers some very useful connectors for Notes mail client or Symphony office, and MS Office. Basically, it allows you to work directly from your mail client (or windows explorer) and to drag and drop files directly from these tool...This is a great feature. Unfortunately, there is no connector for Exchange for the moment (but should be delivered in 8.1). Having an Exchange connector is a major requirement for us, so I think we should wait and study this next version....
> My last point is a major concern: document storage management. In the current version of Quickr, documents are stored in the local (JCR 170) repository of Quickr (I think this can be considered as a similar approach as storing document locally in the portal DB, like we do in the previous PDM tool).
IBM will also offers integration facility to store document in other JCR repository. But for the moment, I think only FileNet and IBM Content Manager will be supported....I said it's a major concern because in our company we use another solution (like LiveLink or Alfresco), and storing our documents in the Quickr repository is simply not an option, just because we don't have a good vision so far on the roadmap of this solution :-)
Even if Quickr is used currently internally by IBM (most of IBM people we meet here told us that they store now all their documents in Quickr library), I still think this can not be a long term strategy for Corporate documents...but OK, for working copy, it's probably a good way to store documents.

There is a dedicated session tomorrow about Quickr and the document management strategy....so I will give you some news as soon as I can about this topic.


  • I finally feel in phasis with what I understood last year. Thanks Enguerrand. I appreciate.

    By Blogger Martine, at January 22, 2008  

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