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Thursday, January 24, 2008

With great power comes great responsibility

That's a very cool title isn't it ? ;-) We were in the Island of adventure Disney park yesterday at LotuSphere, so I buy a lot of spiderman t-shirt....
But I think this sentence is also relevant for Quickr....Let my explain why. With its deep integration with MS windows explorer, and especially with the mail client, Quickr will probably becomes the 'killer app' in the next few years. Maybe this will not be Quickr (but another editor solution), but anyway this thinking is true for all this new generation of collaborative tools.
Using the mail client connectors, you are now able to directly send a link to a document stored in a Quickr repository, rather than attaching the document in the mail message...When attaching the document to the mail, Quickr connector will automatically ask you if you want to include it in the message, or if you want to store it into Quickr and then just send a link referencing this document....That's a great feature !
But my point is that now Quickr becomes part of the desktop office, and it should have the SAME availability and reliability than your mailing system ! Let me explain that in another way: if Quickr crash (for any reason) it will be completely impossible for your employees to retrieve any documents (assuming they now store everything in your new very cool tool)....
So this is not anymore a 'simple' web application project (with wiki, blogs, etc) but it is part of your information system and of your office tools. So when deploying such a solution, you should carefully study all the impact and especially define the size of the administration team and the support team appropriately (to provide the same level of service than expected for solution like your mail system).

With great power comes great responsibility....:-)


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