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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quickr and ECM relationship

Today I would like to talk about the relationship between Quickr and the Enterprise Content Management.
As one of the Quickr product manager said (Jelan Heidelberg / Conference about the Collaborative Document Management): "Quickr is not an ECM. Quickr is made to manage the daily work, help team collaboration". I really aggree with this point of view: you can use Quickr to work on draft version of a document, and collaborate with several people to build the final release of the document...but once your document is finalized, you probably want/should store this version is a more stable and reliable document repository.
Also talked with one of the lead developer of Quickr about this document storage strategy: he said the current version of the Product can store document either in a Domino database, or in the portal JCR 170 repository. He told me a customer has already implemented a custom feature to archive final version of Quickr document in an external ECM (namely Documentum). And as the Quickr API and model is very open, he said it is feasible to have the same approach to archive document in any other ECM.

[Basically, to give you an technical overview of how this work, the document will be phisically moved to the ECM repository and Quickr will keep only some of the document META-DATA and a reference to the ECM repository in its own database.]

And during one of the Greg Melahn conference (about the future of the product and how IBM plan to extend it), IBM will provide support for 2 new ECM for the end of year 2008: FileNet and IBM Content Manager. Also, he said that IBM (and IT services partners) will continue to provide more and more new ECM solution support in the next releases.


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