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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

PDM is dead

Were you aware that in WPS 6.1 there is no more PDM ?

Here is what is mentioned in the infocenter:

"Document Manager is not available in WebSphere Portal Version 6.1. Before migrating any data, you need to replace Web content that was previously stored as a document in a document library. For more information, see the Document migration topic in the Migrating Web Content section of this information center."
see this link for more details

Personaly, even after attending to the WPS conference (last year), and also to lotusphere (this year), I had never
heard about this information...this is crazy ! For customer which are doing an intensive usage of PDM in v5.x to store documents, this is
a bad surprise...
Technically, I completely understand the choice of IBM to migrate the web content storage in JCR 170 repository and to centralize
the web content management and the document management in one single tool (WCM).
However, I think the way this new is announced and the fact that IBM do not really propose solution to automatically migrate
document from PDM 5.x to WCM 6.1 is not really acceptable...

Anyway, before studing the migration from WPS v5 to v6.1 we already had plan to stop using PDM...mainly because the design
of this tool is too simple and not really appropriate for a large scale usage (it is not really user-friendly, it is not an
open solution, and so on)....So this news is only one more argument for us to move faster to another document management
We are currently studing Alfresco, which is a much more open and scalable solution, so PDM can die...this is not a problem
anymore for us...


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