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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Testing of Alfresco SHARE Labs 3d version

I'm currently testing the latest community version of Share (Labs 3d).

It has been really improved compared to previous version...one example is that now the Calendar is fully working. Also site members management has been significantly improved. This version seems really more stable and finalized.

I think this version is user-friendly enough to be opened to end-users and let them create their site (team space) without any help.

Main features are:
- User Dashboard,
- Document library (based on Alfresco Document Management repository),
- Blog,
- Forum,
- Wiki (quite simple for the moment),
- Calendar,
- Links (bookmarks management),

New site creation is very easy and quick.

So my global feeling about this new version is very good.
I'm now waiting for Enterprise version 3.1 (based on Community 3d version) to be able to test it in our company (scheduled for february 2009).....


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