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Sunday, February 08, 2009

New JSR-286 rendering portlets for Lotus Web Content Management

FYI, the JSR 286 version of the WCM Rendering Portlet is now available for download from the Portlet Catalog.

IBM annoucement:
The IBM® Lotus® Web Content Management Rendering Portlet provided with this package is a solution which updates and improves how the rendering of Web content is performed in IBM WebSphere® Portal. While the existing Web Content Viewer portlet (referred to in the WebSphere Portal documentation as a "rendering portlet") has evolved throughout several versions to implement sophisticated Web content rendering functions, it is still based on the deprecated IBM Portlet API. By contrast, the new JSR 286 Web Content Viewer has been entirely redeveloped based on the Java™ Portlet Specification 2.0 (JSR 286). In addition to the benefits afforded by JSR 286, the JSR 286 Web Content Viewer in this package also enables other features for Web content management, such as a new Web content portal page type and support for the standard search seedlist 1.0 format.


For more information:IBM Lotus Web Content Management Rendering Portlet JSR 286

I did not test this Portlet so far, so I cannot give you any feedback for the moment...but if some of you already tested it your results and feedback are of interest for me...

I think we will test it asap, because I would like to get the following info:
- This new release means that the WCM Portlet delivered with 6.1.x WPS version is still based on the deprecated IBM Portlet API...So will this new release update the current existing Portlet clones we have created so far...(I don't think so, but would like to make sure).
- What about the WCM remote rendering Portlet (is it included in the same package) ?
- Does this new release support the CSA (Client Side Aggregation)...? (I know that previous 6.x release of the WCM Portlet does not support CSA, so this would be a major improvement).

Will let you know about our tests...


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