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Friday, July 04, 2008

Good news for PDM users (IBM will help to migrate to WCM or Quickr):

To follow one of my previous post PDM is dead, here is a good news for PDM users:
Even if in WPS v6.1 IBM will not support the PDM tool anymore, IBM plan to provide migration tool to help people to migrate their documents either to WCM or PDM:

Here is what is stated in this recent presentation from Stefan Liesche (IBM):

We (IBM) plan to help customers with PDM data:

– A migration utility will be made available on Passport approximately 90 days from
eGA of Portal 6.1

– We are considering two scenarios
– Migration from PDM to Quickr
– Migration from PDM to WCM (for customers who use PDM to populate WCM)

We are evaluating new integration options between WCM and Quickr in a future WCM release.
Consider each customer situation and engage product management as needed to determine the right time to make the move.

Documentation of the changes will happen in real time on the Portal 6.1 Wiki – Initial round of doc will be released with 6.1

For more details : see


  • As announced by IBM during the last WP conference (Berlin 2008), the script to migrate data from PDM to Quickr or WCM will be provided by IBM for Q1 2009 only...so the delay for delivery is much bigger than expected.

    By Blogger Enguerrand SPINDLER, at October 12, 2008  

  • I am the team lead of the team responsible for the two migration tools.
    The PDM2Quickr tool has been released on 1Q09 and the PDM2WCM will be available in 3Q09.

    By Blogger Massimiliano Parlione, at August 30, 2009  

  • Hi Massimilano Parlione,

    How PDM documents will be linked to WCM after PDM2WCM migrartion(UI and all)?
    What will happen to the other documents which were no linked to WCM and how canthey be accessible?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at November 09, 2009  

  • The tool has 3 components:

    - for Portal 6.0 customers there is the "Local Migration" to migrate PDM documents into a Portal 6.1 WCM library

    - TDI based migration to migrate documents from a 5.1 PDM library to a 6.1

    - A refences Fixer that will replace all the Document Manager tags and elements with references to the documents stored in the WCM libray used as a target by one of the two tools mentioned above.

    For further details see the wiki: http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/portalwiki.nsf/xpViewCategories.xsp?lookupName=WebSphere%20Portal%20Document%20Manager%20migration%20tool
    or download the the tool: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=688&uid=swg24024295

    By Blogger Massimiliano Parlione, at November 23, 2009  

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